Politics and Activism 


The Guardian, Meet the women dancing to save London’s Latin Village

Tottenham’s Pueblito Paisa is a home from home and a vital source of support for the capital’s Latin American community. As it faces commercial redevelopment, locals are fighting back – through samba. Read here.

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Broadly, How Islamophobia Hurts Muslim Women the Most

Violence against Muslims has skyrocketed in recent years, and especially since the Paris terror attacks. For an increasing number of hijab-wearing women, misogyny is combining with Islamophobia to especially toxic effect. Read here


Dazed and Confused, Celebrating Gay Pride in Uganda

As one of the worst places in the world to be LGBTQ, celebrating Pride in Uganda carries huge risks – but a dedicated community of activists is fighting for the right to live and love freely. Read here.


IndependentI used to work at Bell Pottinger – so I can tell you why good people end up doing immoral things in lobbying

Spray luminol across London’s major PR houses, and you’ll see similar blood spatters. Read here


VICE, Peaceful Palestinian Activists Say Israeli Police Have Been Transporting Them in Boxes

I met with two Palestinian human rights activists to talk about the daily challenges they face. Read here.