Women's Rights


Broadly, Reports of Rape Are Surging at Bars and Clubs. How Do We Respond?

Exclusive police figures obtained by Broadly show a 136 percent increase in rapes reported in London's bars, clubs, and pubs. We investigate the sexual violence plaguing nightlife in the UK capital. Read here.

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Broadly, Police Are Sleeping With Sex Workers Before Arresting Them

In many US states, it is technically legal for undercover cops to have sex with sex workers during the course of anti-prostitution sting operations. Advocates argue this is nothing less than institutional rape.Read here. 

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Broadly: 49 British Women Were Killed By Men They Previously Reported To Police

Broadly asked every UK police force how many women were killed in the last three years by the partners, exes, or stalkers they'd already reported to the authorities. Read here


Broadly'There Was a Stranger in My Own House': Is the Sharing Economy Safe for Women?

Women and minorities appear more likely to experience violence and discrimination on platforms like Uber and Airbnb. How did the gig economy go so wrong? Read here


The Irish Government Is Seizing an Increasing Number of Abortion Pills

An exclusive Broadly investigation shows that the Irish government is seizing ever-increasing quantities of vital abortion medicines—with potentially devastating consequences for women. Read here.