The Guardian: 'Jennifer Aniston cried in my lap': the inside story of Friends

Friends is the world’s most streamed show – 25 years after it first began. We know what happened to the stars, but what about Fun Bobby, Jack Geller and the other characters? Read here

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The Guardian, Behind the Times? The Strange, Sad Story of Rear of the Year

How did buttoned-up Britain come to embrace an annual celebration of the bottom – and how is it surviving in the #MeToo era? Its creator and several winners explain its success. Read here

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VICE, How 'Cruel Intentions' Brought High-Glamor Cruelty On a Shoestring Budget

For its 20th anniversary, we speak to the cast and crew of the cult classic about persuading the Rolling Stones to play ball, sourcing school uniforms from Goodwill, and how that rosary necklace was made. Read here. 


Guardian, Extreme makeup: how the girls and boys of Generation Z created a huge new subculture

Many young people now spend hours in their bedrooms, perfecting extraordinarily intricate looks to put up online. Read here.


Guardian, All you need is loves: the truth about polyamory

More and more young people are abandoning monogamy in favour of open relationships. But is it really that easy to turn your back on jealousy? And what about all the admin? Read here.

Guardian, The story of the Dress: How a £40 Zara frock stole the summer

This year’s unexpected viral fashion hit is suitable for all weathers and sizes, as comfortable as a nightie and currently unavoidable. But why are its fans so happy to be seen in the same outfit as someone else? Read here.

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VICEHow the 'Spice World' Movie Became a Deranged, Postmodern Masterpiece

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest films of all time, we asked the brilliant minds behind "Spice World" to explain everything from the notorious alien scene to the mysterious bomb on the bus. Read here

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Guardian, The rise of digital fitness: can the new wave of high-intensity home workouts replace the gym?

You can now have personal trainers in your headphones, or set up a mirror that beams classes into your home. The options are limitless. But can they ever beat the camaraderie of working out with other people? Read here.