Commercial Work

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When Playing Sport Means Breaking The Rules, Huck Magazine in partnership with Vans

During her playing career, Canadian footballer Carrie Serwetnyk would never indulge in the sort of on-field theatrics often seen of the male stars. The diving, or rolling-around-in-agony at a minor injury? Not for Serwetnyk. “You have to prove you’re better, to get in with the boys!” she says. “You have to be tougher and smarter and play hard and not complain.” Read more.

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Mamba Negra: The Leading Light Of Sao Paulo’s Dance Music Scene, Boiler Room

Sirin Kale dives into Mamba Negra, a party collective at the forefront of Sao Paolo’s vibrant, anti-capitalist dance music scene. Read here.

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Singeli: Africa’s New Wave, Boiler Room

Nyege Nyege Tapes want you to love the Tanzanian sound of Singeli as much as they do. Writer Sirin Kale speaks to the label about their ongoing efforts to bring the sounds of Dar es Salaam to a global audience. Read more.

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Meet Some Of The Women Succeeding In STEM, Guardian Labs

There are women with flourishing science and technology careers, but work is needed to make this the norm rather than the exception. Read more.

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VICE Meets The Flamingods, VICE in partnership with AXE

We talk cultural appropriation, psychedelic daydreams and dating shows with the Dubai-London band. Read more.